DIY Tip 5 floral decorations: How to create magic with left over flowers

You’ve just hosted a grand party or celebrated a big festival and ended-up with lots of flowers & bouquets? Most of us have faced similar situations and at times don’t know what to do with these flowers or end-up throwing them in a dustbin.

However, if given the same flowers, expert florists in Delhi can do wonders out of the same and create gorgeous floral centerpieces.

In this blog, we are going to talk about easy-to-follow DIY decorations from left over flowers. Follow the tips but most importantly your instinct when it comes to making wow-inducing decorations.

  1. First, make a good base

Start with few small branches of leafy greens to shape. This will determine the form of the centerpiece decoration that you are going to make. So you can expect each floral decoration to be of different shape and style, thereby adding more variety to your decorations.

  1. Choose flowers

Select what flowers you would like to see in decoration, a good mix contains three-to-four flower types. Make sure that the aromas given by each of these flowers do not cancel each other out. It is always best to go with one flower with an overwhelming scent. Or you can select two flowers with the same aroma strength so that the result is a beautiful smelling concoction of the two scents.

  1. Arrange freely

Hold the chosen flowers in your hand loosely. Rotate as you keep on adding more flowers, to make sure that the view is great from all angles. Be free minded, and keep making additions or removals wherever you deem necessary. Add a little dash of green in between to make it look organic and freshly picked from a garden.

  1. Plug the gaps

Take a long, hard look at your floral decoration from the top, and then from all angles conceivable. If there are any empty spaces in the substance, they can fill them with more flowers, or little leaves and green branches.

  1. Trim

Trim the ends of the stems appropriately and evenly to give it a nice feel, place it some water. Be sure to change the water every few days to make the flowers last.

  1. Avoid being too technical

Don’t be overwhelmed by the complex and intricate centerpieces floating around on floral decoration websites or social media. Keep it simple, and you will ace it. Let the design be free flowing, and rest assures that it will have such a simplistic and organic look and feel to it, that you will be floored by all the compliments you receive.

So, folks in this post we talked about what can be done with left over flowers and how these can add to the decorative value of any household or drawing room. However, if you would like expert advice, then we can connect you with professional florists or if this has sparked your imagination and you would like to gift then do check out flower bouquet offers that we are running.

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