Learn to combat out of situation and build full confidence with self-defence classes

The increasing cases of physical assaults and rapes in the capital have raised a clarion call to females who have now started joining self-defence training programs. In view of the current scenario, even children should also be encouraged to undergo this training. It has following benefits (1):

  • Builds physical and mental activeness
  • Builds confidence
  • Nurtures listening skills and discipline
  • Observing potential danger around
  • Overall personality development

In the context of women, various studies have been conducted and they have proved that women trained in self-defence are less likely to be the victims of such attacks. A survey was conducted by Model Mugging, which is a self-defence instruction company. They tested the impact of self-defence training on 60,000 of their female students. The survey revealed, “98.3% of those students were able to avoid assaults. Of those who were assaulted, 97% were able to fight off their attacker, 80% of those were able to use voice and body language alone and did not resort to violence.” (2)

Well, at times, you can also carry pepper spray, deo bottle etc., to combat attacks. We have already covered this in detail in our last blog on self-defence.

No doubt, contacting the police should be the first step, in case, you are being chased or harassed by a stranger.

But, here are some of the key moves that you must practice in order to escape for that moment.

Attack his jaw or eyes

Get alert and bring your arms forward while keeping fingers fully opened and giving a slight bent to elbows. Extend your forearm and stop the attacker by taking it inside his arm coming towards you. Then tightly punch his jaw, going from downwards to upwards, or strike right into his eyes with your right-hand fist and make him incapable of going further with his motive.

Get hold of his head  

Gather courage and use your right hand to hold his head from the back. Then hold his lower jaw with your left hand. Use your right hand to push his head down while using the left hand to push it up, simultaneously. This move will make him lose balance.

Hit at nose

Hitting nasal bones of a person makes him vulnerable to an unconscious state. So, punch the attacker’s nose with two biggest knuckles of your fist. You can also use your palm heel for the same. Pushing your head towards his nose in a speedy motion is also a good option.

Choke his throat

The neck is another sensitive area to target. Choke his throat by pushing your fingers towards his windpipe. This move will close his air passage, thereby rendering him weak. You can make a quick escape while he will keep holding his throat to breathe.

Handle from back 

This move is beneficial for children as well. If an attacker wraps his hands around your neck or waist from the back then take your right leg back to cover his right leg and start pushing his face or body with your left-hand elbow. This move will make him lose the grip, thereby enabling you to make a quick run.

While these are some of the moves that can help you run away from the situation, there are different types of martial arts techniques like karate, kickboxing, krav maga, judo etc., which you can learn under the supervision of professionals.

Your life is not just yours. It is also precious to your family. Someone at home keeps anxiously waiting until you get back from office or an outing. So, prepare yourself to fight worst situations and connect with Klikly.com to hire experts to learn these basic moves.

We will cover an elaborative piece on empowering women and children in our next blog. Stay tuned!

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