Simple tips to help you stick to your New Year Resolutions

Life returns to its original pace after festive celebrations, and making new goals or giving a nudge to the old ones becomes the talk of the town.

So, this year you might want to eat healthily, get rid of a bad habit, learn a foreign language, participate in adventurous sports, improve professionally, make wise spending decisions, and so on.

However, we all have made and broken New Year resolutions multiple times because it’s not just about setting them, but it’s more of cultivating that will power to sacrifice the comfort zone and change for something good.

Research by the University of Scranton says, only 8% of people are able to accomplish their New Year goals (1). The Statistic Brain Research Institute also conducted a study in America this year, which revealed that 42.4% people fail to keep up with their resolutions each year. (2)

Well, this blog is not about rigid instructions to stay loyal to resolutions, but, instead, we are going to share how you can possibly stick to them.

Fitness goals

Join sessions with friends

Join yoga or Zumba classes with people you share a great camaraderie with, and target to reduce the specific amount of weight or to get fit every month. This companionship will develop a sense of accountability, thereby giving you a further boost.

Online community

Another amazing way to continually contemplate goals is to share them with your online community as social support does wonder. Interestingly, as per a survey, people posting resolutions on Facebook are 36% more likely to achieve them always or most of the time. (3)

Maintain a diary

I remember maintaining a diary once, which helped me track and improve performance. You can keep a diary planner comprising a calendar. Make a daily entry to it, mentioning the type of workout, time devoted, and further steps to enhance it may be with a balanced diet or other activities.

Hire experts at home

Well, if you don’t wish to attend studio sessions, hire expert instructors who provide doorstep services. And, the bright side is that having paid for it will bound you to take classes until the package ends.

If taking professional classes is not suitable, lead the fitness routine on your own. For this, do check out our insightful blog on doing yoga at home, covered previously.

Win over bad habits or addictions

Monitor progress and reward yourself

Maintain a daily calendar and award yourself points every time you don’t succumb to a bad habit. At the end of a month, use the points and give yourself a shopping treat or indulge in a fun activity.

Find good distractions or alternatives

According to a British Psychologist, willpower should be coupled with some distractions to abstain from bad habits. At times, an urge to smoke can be controlled by taking a 10-minute walk, calling up a friend or listening to inspirational songs.

Also, instant cravings for unhealthy food can be replaced with alternatives like fresh fruits, sugar-free products etc. (4).

You can also consult experts to plan a healthy diet as per your taste, and they can also help you develop good eating habits.

Don’t wait, just meditate

Being an effective stress buster, Meditation is a buzz word these days. It works on your overall development and helps you in every sphere of life. Download related mobile apps, which offer tips and sessions to meditate and stay happy.

Buy something out of budget or go on an exotic trip

Maintain piggy bank

Whatever the goal be, start maintaining a piggy bank where money is a constraint.

Every time, you have some loose change in the pocket or if you manage to hold on to an urge to buy something, put that money in the piggy bank. When you need funds to buy something or plan a trip, you will realize that the piggy bank can contribute to it.

Online money-saving schemes

Secure urgent needs with financial planning. Check with your bank and opt for a scheme to collect money in a separate deposit account for a specified period like that of a recurring nature. Get interest on deposits, and some accounts can be discontinued anytime to withdraw money, if required.

So folks, my personal favorite among all these points is maintaining a diary, which I can carry anywhere and just flip through the pages as and when needed. Keeping a check on my progress gives peace of mind and strengthens my commitment to fulfilling goals.

Let’s give this year a thumping start with far-sighted goals and the spirit to uphold them. Have a rocking New Year and share your resolutions and progress with us, in the comments section below.

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