Top 5 tips to be mindful while organizing a party at home

The atmosphere is buzzing with preparations, and people are going crazy on booking party spots. While most of us are all set to witness the celebrations with all pomp and gaiety, some might be exploring getaway plans. How about hosting a house party?

House parties make for a perfect social gathering. Reclining against cozy cushions amid decorated walls and shining lights, dancing to the tunes of favourite songs, relishing delectable snacks, and enjoying gleeful moments with dear ones are all the ingredients that make an event more memorable.

So, here are some cool tips to organize everything on a shoe-string budget and have an enthusiastic house party.

Decoration is What Gets Noticed First


Lighting is a mood-enhancer that beats the seasonal blues, especially in winter. Darkness prevails during this period, and it has a psychological effect on our mood (1). So, using suitable lamp lights with yellow or gold shade bulbs can maintain the excitement. Similarly, using cooler bulb shades such as white for lamps works well for setting the mood in summer parties.

So, go ahead, be artistic and warm up your house with string lights, lanterns, table lamps, and fragrant candles, which can be bought on bargains from the local market.

Seating arrangement

 Everyone wants that extra warmth in winter. With a cozy setting, you can enhance the overall layout and make everyone feel at home. Go for online deals and get portable pouffes, cane chairs, soft cushions, bean bags, and lightweight settees, which can be arranged alongside walls.

Open your cupboards and look for relevant items such as old pillows, which can be adorned with lacy covers, and use thick rugs to cover the floor so that there is a feeling of warmness under your feet.

Well, this is how you can add a fun element to cheer up the ambience inside while the weather is all calm outside.

Everyone is a Photographer Now

Who among us is not guilty of using selfie sticks at some point or the other? We all like to get clicked in varied poses, but, the problem comes in seeing the same after years as photos get lost on someone’s smartphone.

So, don’t forget to designate a person to click pictures or hire a freelance Photographer who could provide you with unlimited soft copies of the photographs. You can also get good quality hard copies of the pictures you choose and that too within budget.

Tasty Snacks and Food Are a Must Have

With party season upon us and everyone partying these days, how about offering healthy and unique treats to your friends?

If you are wondering, how can party food be like that, let’s tell you that there are food outlets, which serve a variety of organic dishes like cottage cheese salad, quinoa and lentil salad, spinach multigrain wrap, tofu rice meal, thalis with tawa rotis, olive tapenade sandwich, and more.

Some restaurants even offer air fried snacks like falafel balls, potato wedges, fish etc., which are not fried. So, order healthy party food from a restaurant and avail festive season discounts.

Make Twists and Turns While the Music Plays

Music adds that missing flavour to an occasion and gets the place moving with energetic vibes.

Be your own DJ, just download an app, select your favourite tunes and let the software make a mix for you. If you wish to take this up a notch, you can even hire an expert Disk Jockey within budget. They have a good collection of playlists, and therefore, you don’t have to worry about anything, and you can only concentrate on your dancing moves.

A Party Can Never Get Started Without a Clean Home

It’ important to keep every corner of your house spick and span before inviting guests. If you remember, we discussed some DIY tips to clean your home before the festive season, in one of our previous blogs. But, of course, if you want to get it done in a jiffy, connect with Home Cleaning experts who offer best price deals.

So, folks, with these simple ideas, you can pull off a great party at home without burning a hole in your pocket. However, if you would like someone else to organize a party for you, Klikly can connect you with Event Management experts in all budgets. 

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